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Taxi from Geneva to La Plagne

No prepayment! Cash pay! Free cancellation!

Private transfer from Geneva to La Plagne is possible without any prepayment. In case of changes of plans a cancellation without any compensation is possible. Our prices are as affordable as it can be. We offer services at the competitive rates.

The company’s fleet of vehicles for private from Geneva to La Plagne includes a variety of models, including:

  • Mercedes E class;
  • Mercedes V class .
  • Mercedes Sprinter

You can book a car with a professional driver for transfer Geneva — La Plagne via messenger or by leaving a request on the web-servise.

Cost of a private transfer taxi Geneva – La Plagne

Cars ClassPrice €
Economy Sedan33420€
Economy Mercedes E Class33v450€
Business Mercedes S Class33v700€
Business Mercedes V Class
Minivan Mercedes Sprinter1011v600€
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter1616v880€


Taxi in Milan by Mercedes E Class
Price: from €40/hour
Taxi in Milan by Mercedes V class
Price: from €44/hour
Taxi in Milan by Mercedes Sprinter
Price: from €59/hour
Taxi by Mercedes Sprinter 16-seat
Price: from €59/hour

Information you need to provide in order to reserve a taxi to La Plagne from Geneva

We have done all we can to make ordering a taxi from Geneva airport to La Plagne as quick and easy as possible. To order a private transfer Geneva—La Plagne, all you need to do is provide the following information:

  • Actual date and time of arrival in Geneva airport (or adress in Geneva);
  • Planned address in La Plagne where the customer wants to stay;
  • Exact number of people that need transportation;
  • Contact information that will be used to get in touch with the passenger;
  • Name of the person so that the driver can meet the client with a placard.

Payment for taxi from Geneva

Our customers are offered a high level of service. No advance payment is required to reserve a taxi from Geneva to La Plagne. For the client’s convenience, we offer several payment methods, including cash payment. The cost of a private transfer from Geneva to La Plagne, calculated by the company’s employees, and already takes into consideration the driver’s waiting time, meeting at the airport with a placard, driving through closed, toll roads and stops. We strive to ensure that our customers have a pleasant travel experience and we provide:

  • water
  • also child seats to facilitate the level of comfort.
  • If technically possible, WiFi is available for the customer throughout the private transfer from Geneva to La Plagne.

Taxi from Geneva airport to La Plagne

Satisfaction with a trip doesn’t just depend on the resting place, the good food and the weather. Travel comfort also depends on transport. The more accessible it is, the higher a person’s level of comfort is. Long and exhausting journeys from the airport to the destination can spoil the impression of the place a person arrives to, consume much time and cause unexpected expenses. The taxi company “Taxitransfermilan”, offers a private taxi from Geneva to La Plagne in comfortable cars. We organized the transfer Geneva — La Plagne in such a way that the client does not waste time and can fully enjoy his/her trip, without deviations from the prepared schedule and plan.


Our drivers for transfer Geneva—La Plagne

Only experienced and medically-inspected drivers are allowed to carrying out the private taxi from Geneva to La Plagne. We carry out a rigorous test before hiring employees. Drivers will not break speed limits or make dangerous manoeuvres during private transfer from  Geneva to La Plagne. The journey will be safe and relaxing.


How the private transfer from Geneva to La Plagne is carried out

Our driver arrives at the Geneva in advance and waits for the a person who ordered the taxi from Geneva to La Plagne with a special placard. After the meeting with the taxi driver, he will take the passenger to the car and, if necessary, will help with the luggage. If the customer needs to stop on the way, the driver will carry out the request. The transfer will takes about 1 hour 23 min.


Cancellation of the trip from Geneva to La Plagne

Anything can happen and a planned private transfer from Geneva to La Plagne a cancellation free. We do not want to leave a negative impression on the client.


Unexpected situations and flight delays

Sometimes, the flight may be delayed. This is normal and our driver is prepared to wait as long as necessary for client who ordered the private transfer taxi from Geneva  to La Plagne. There is no charge for the waiting time. The driver of taxi from Geneva to La Plagne will arrive at the airport according to the information provided by airport information desk to carrying out taxi transfer from Geneva to La Plagne.


What fees are charged for waiting by the driver

There are no additional waiting fees. Our driver of taxi transfer Geneva airport—La Plagne will wait for your private transfer from Geneva to La Plagne without any extra costs.

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